Scrum @ Spretnost

Increases quality of the deliverables

Increases productivity

Continuous process improvement

Improves communication

Minimizes time-to-market via frequent releases

Provides better estimates

More in control of the project schedule and state

Higher customer satisfaction rates.

Process driven Scrum is an iterative, incremental framework for project management with some emphasis on the process to include Risk management plan, Measurement plan and Configuration management plan.

Phase Activity Description Output
Initiation Planning All the stakeholders would participate to finalize the Project plan and product backlog. A signoff from the Product owner is taken to kickoff the sprint Project Plan
Product backlog
  Sprint Planning meeting The ScrumMaster facilitates this meeting that kicks off the Sprint, and is attended by the Team members and the Product Owner/State holders. The purpose of this meeting is to select from the Product Backlog the Team intends to implement in this Sprint. The features that are vital and needs to be released first are prioritized here and these are selected. Sprint backlog
Team Tracker
Elucidation Develop The ScrumMaster faciilates this meeting, which all Team members attend. The Daily Scrum meeting status meeting for fifteen minutes. Its purpose is to address the issues, update on the progress made the team, and to plan the task that would be executed on that day MOM Team Tracker Defect report Burn down chart
  Sprint Review Meeting The Sprint Review meeting is held at the end of the Sprint. In this meeting, the Team demonstrates the Sprint's completed Product Backlog Items, to the Product Owner and other interested parties. After this meeting go/no-go release decision will be made MOM
  Team Retrospective Meeting The Retrospective meeting is held after the Sprint Review meeting. Its purpose is to provide the Team an opportunity to understand what worked well and what didnt worked well and what changes are required MOM
Lessons learnt
Wrapping up Closure Closure activities would be started after the completion of project for future course of action, and collect feedback on the work done. Release notes and user guide would also be provided Feedback form
Release notes
User Guide