Emerging Technologies
Emerging Technologies

We have profound knowledge in the development of feature-rich, HTML5.0 compatible iPhone and iPad applications.

  • Strong forte of veteran and expert HTML developers and professionals
  • We create feature-rich HTML5.0 compatible apps for the iPhone/iPad
  • We make your website compatible with both iPhone and iPad
  • Give a new lease of mobile-life for your website

Today as the boundary between desktop and mobile has started vanishing, we could see transition of web developers from previous HTML versions to this HTML5 a cross-platform technology that has several new features to support all modern browsers & functions on all mobile devices. HTML5, is the advanced version of HTML web technology that address the needs as well provide users with the ultimate viewing experience in reduced development time.

Our designers adopt this HTML5 technology trend to develop pixel perfect, feature-rich HTML5 compatible Web & iPhone and iPad applications. With profound knowledge in this, we embed video, audio, charts, animation and many other rich content which can perfectly meet your business needs besides enhance user experience.

Following are the HTML5 Development services that we do

  • Web Application Development
  • UI and UX development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Plugins Development
  • Responsive Development
  • Custom App Development
  • Rich Internet Apps
  • Portal development
  • E-commerece application Development
  • Website Design & development
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Parallax Development
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento development

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is one of the core technology used widely for building Web pages. Cascading Style Sheets facilitates web developers to separate the design and layout of a website from that of content. CSS 3 is the latest standards for CSS and with this technology we can easily maintain sites, share style sheets across pages, and tailor pages to different environments. In CSS3, web developers can remove more styling from the html and put the styling in the css file and have a cleaner html. This CSS language is referred to as the separation of structure (or: content) from presentation.

The market for the iPhone and iPad web apps is expanding rapidly and considering the growing demand for CSS3 based mobile application development we at Spretnost Services provide technology-driven mobile application development that meets the strategic objectives of our clients. CSS3 is the technology behind most of the eye-catching visuals on the web today. Using CSS3 Web developers can easily create rounded edges on borders on Images, navigation items, tabs etc. With CSS3 we create web apps that interact much like native apps. By using this advanced web technology developer can exploit modern browser capabilities while providing more basic content to older browsers.

Spretnost Services has been developing iPhone and iPad apps for quite a while and now by using more advanced web technologies like CSS3. With advanced features of CSS3 for graphics we can deliver an immersive app experience to iOS users. By making use of its cutting edge features we have created compelling mobile web experiences for iPhone and iPad users. Our expertise in mobile app development and CSS3 web development helps us create feature-rich CSS3 compatible apps for the iPhone/iPad. Our highly skilled mobile developers can build cost effective and secure mobile applications at fast turnaround time.