Engagement Models
Engagement Models

Each of our engagements model is unique in it's own way, in terms of the movement up the value chain of trust and win-win partnership.

  • Highly flexible & customized engagement models to substantially reduce project costs
  • Best engagement framework model specifically to suit individual needs and requirements
  • You can choose an engagement model based on the cost and time considerations
  • Significant cost benefit to customers in terms of resources as well as infrastructure

Offshore Software Outsourcing Client Engagement Models

Spretnost Services offers flexibility in client engagement models. This helps the client to adjust and outsource their needs based on time, availability of resources and requirements. Our engagement model contains a onsite and offshore components. Onsite component is responsible for handling client interaction, project management, scope definition, user needs, reviews and delivery. The offshore development team at India does the design, implementation, testing and deployment.

You can choose from any of our following Software Outsourcing Models.

Offshore Development Centre (ODC) Model

To attend the diverse needs of the global clients, Spretnost Services offers highly flexible alternative of a  Offshore Development Centre (ODC). This ODC is an extension of our company that will directly operate with the client and execute the project.

In this value-for-money model, a dedicated team of professionals (account manager, project manager(s), development team, support team) under Spretnost Services is allotted that works exclusively on the client’s web application or project to provide an entire set of development services for one, many, or all of your software projects.

This model enables the client to have a control over the human resource as well as the technical infrastructure of the company. This feature empowers the client to have highly qualified team specifically working on their projects and its emerging requirements. The infrastructure facilities and the dedicated team are provided for a specific pre-determined duration and on a fixed cost.

The ODC model is an excellent option for the clients as it fosters the level of flexibility, transparency and measurability. This engagement model from Spretnost Services is highly beneficial to clients, as a dedicated team will strictly focus on their project thereby reducing its operational cost.

Time & Materials Model

Time & Materials model means the customer pays for the project in terms of resources used for the project over a time as deemed fit by the customer. This includes the customer having to pay for the human resources based on the complexity and nature of work.

Fixed Bid Model

Fixed bid projects are usually the fixed cost projects. Based on the project needs and plan, number of resources would be added as and when required. The cost and the time assigned remain fixed for the finalized scope.

Spretnost Services Fixed Bid Software Development Model uses standard SDLC model for development and implementation. The high level steps involved are listed below,

  • Project Plan preparation
  • Business Requirement Analysis, System study and SRS preparation
  • Detailed timeline for development, testing and release plan
  • System Design (low and high level design)
  • Visual Prototype Screens development
  • Design and Development
  • Testing and Implementation (Automated / Manual, Integrated, Security testing etc as applicable)
  • UAT, Training, Data Migration, Server setup, Server Configuration and Go live
  • Post launch Support and AMC
Strategic Alliance / Joint Venture Model

Spretnost Services offers a Strategic Alliance / Joint Venture model for partnership with strategic customers.  It’s ideal for mid-to-large size companies who want to to set up their own development team offshore but face challenges in doing so due to legal, infrastructure and setup costs, selection of location, ROI concerns, etc.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

This engagement model is extended towards companies that try to keep their build operations productive. We extend our services and take full responsibility of your build operation, revitalize the performance of the team and at the same time solve issues around attrition, economies of scale, etc.

Key Success Factors of Spretnost Services Client Engagement Models
  • Consultative approach
  • Effective knowledge transfer
  • Transparency
  • Strong governance framework
  • Flexibility