Dealer Management Solution
Dealer Management Solution

Dealer Management Solutions from Spretnost Services helps Manufacturing companies / OEMS to optimize your processes, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

  • Boost dealership performance, growth & profitability
  • Get complete visibility into day-day operations
  • Centralized application for managing sales & inventory
  • Streamlined process for operation efficiency
  • Transparent & integrated operations ensure customers satisfaction

As customer is at the center of everything the business does adopts innovative business process solutions to deal with multiple levels of distributors/ dealers both globally and locally. For smooth flow of information and data within various departments/branches all you need to do is leverage on dealer management software. Our Dealer Management Solution help to increase operational efficiency levels and saves time spent to access up-to-date information.

Spretnost Services Dealer Management Solution with various advanced features including sales tracking, inventory management, workflow management and reporting, basic accounting and customer relationship management helps meet the modern needs of manufacturing Industries. Our dealer portal system has unparalleled flexibility to integrate with other ERP system. To optimize your Dealer Management processes, reduce costs & improve productivity, invest in DMS Software that provide a high degree of data integrity and operational controls.

Our Dealer Management Solution
  • Provides Comprehensive tool for sales, CRM and post sales
  • Suits multi-franchise dealership outlets
  • Bundled with our B2B standards-based integration platform
  • Choice of cloud-hosted models
  • Seamless integration with existing ERP system
Modules in Dealer Management Solution
  • B2B online orders
  • Dealer locator
  • Logistics planning system
  • Online documents catalog
  • Easy feedback
  • Ads for sub dealers
  • Sub dealer voice
  • Ticket management system
  • Account status
The benefits of our Dealer Portal Solution include:
  • Improves sales forecasting, based on real-time sales inputs
  • Improves stock visibility and inventories at dealers, aiding in reduction
  • Increases revenues through higher number of converted opportunities and customer retention
  • Increases control for effective monitoring of the business and decision making
  • Online on boarding, provisioning, test and certification of dealerships
  • Complete ownership including maintenance, training, remote help desk and sustenance